Seating Fabrics

Seating Fabrics

Vividly Colored Post-Consumer Recycled Polyester Solids

Pastel Colored Post-Consumer Recycled Polyester Solid Textures

Essentials Green Bleach-Cleanable Yarn-Dyed Fabrics

COLORSPEC Classics – Post-Consumer Polyester Solid Textures

Contrasting Color Accents

  • Cloud Nine
  • Oasis
  • Crosslink
  • Hopsack

Bleach-Cleanable Yarn-Dyed Multicolor Heather Textures

  • Hopsack

Bleach-Cleanable Yarn-Dyed Multicolor Boucle Textures

Piece-Dyed Multicolor Small and Large Scale Patterns

Piece-Dyed Boucle Textures

Piece-Dyed Heather Fabrics

Piece-Dyed Wool Boucle Fabrics

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